About us

Hi Fashionista’s!
My name is Chandre, I am the lady behind the brand “Hoppity Apparel”.The concept initially started when I took a leap of faith to pursue my dreams.
Before the re-branding of our business to what it is known now, it was known as "My Lil Shop" Due to the growth of the business I soon realized that it was not as little anymore. My desire to bring something unique and affordable to my clients is the reason I decided to start Hoppity Apparel.
My passion is what has caused the business to grow to what it is today. I am a self taught designer and buyer.. basically I am momtrepreneur who runs a business from home with a very reliable seamstress who happens to be my mom. 
She is behind the scenes and would not even like the fact that I mention this, but she is the women who stitches every single garment. She analyses my designs, draw up a pattern according to our size chart and make every single garment with so much care and love.
Every single item that leaves Hoppity Apparel is not just sealed with love, it is carefully stitched with you in mind, that is what makes us unique and sets us apart in the market. 
I believe that my love for the latest trends in clothing and my curiosity to constantly challenge myself has lead me on this path. After years of experience in the corporate environment as an Executive Personal Assistant and Event’s Co-ordinator among other roles I now have the full time job of experimenting with fashion and thoroughly enjoy every step of the new journey.
My hopes are that my commitment to providing you with quality garments will be your experience with every interaction with Hoppity Apparel brand.